The College of Nursing Alumni Board of Directors is charged with providing alumni and student engagement events and programs throughout the academic year. The board meets monthly to review priorities and to set forth initiatives for programming such as mentoring program for alumni and students, alumni engagement events, scholarship initiatives, student events, and the annual Honors for Nursing event. 

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Are you interested in becoming part of the Alumni Board of Directors? Board members support the College of Nursing by fostering lifelong relationships among alumni, faculty, and students through opportunities to learn, network, to be recognized, and to give back. To get involved, call (801) 581-8919 or email

2016-17 Alumni Board of Directors

Teresa Garrett, Co-President
Dianne Stewart, Co-President
Deena Lofgren, Past President

Melissa Alm
Therese Aschkenase
Chris Johnson (Community Representative)
Vanessa Laurella
Brenda Luther
Gail McGuill (Community Representative)
Jody Osteyee
Robin Phillips 

Faculty Representatives
Nanci McLeskey
Denise Ward 

Student Representatives
Matthew Anderson, DNP Student
Chelsea Christensen, BSN Student

Patricia Morton, Dean
Dinny Trabert
Eden Bennett
Janzell Tutor
Rebecca Walsh
Mary Neville

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