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Grief and the Holidays

hfa teleconference  Hospice Foundation of America's 22nd Annual Living with Grief Telecast
  Friday, April 24, 2015
  8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Featured Expert Panelists: Charles Corr, Kenneth Doka, Nancy Pearce,
                                        Peter Rabins and Kathie Supiano
  University of Utah College of Nursing
  Annette Poulson Cumming Building
  To register, contact Caring Connections at 801-585-9522 by April 17, 2015
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Seeds of Remembrance

2014 seeds of remembranceThe May 2014 Seeds of Remembrance event, "Grieving Toward a Hopeful Tomorrow" featured, Reverend Eunsang Lee and Reverend Yvonne Lee with musical numbers provided by DJ Jones and Sonja Sperling.
To view this years event, click here.

2013 seeds of remembrance

The May 2013 Seeds of Remembrance event, "Seeds of Remembrance: Forget-Me-Not" featured speaker, David L. Buhler, Commissioner of Higher Education, State of Utah; accomplished pianist, Louise Degn and renowned poet, Emma Lou Thayne.

To view this years event, click here.

Seeds 2012 speakersThe May 2012 Seeds of Remembrance event, "Seeds of Remembrance: Take Your Grief and Run With It" featured left to right in picture (bottom) long distance runner Lora Erickson, cyclists Edwin and Carrie Lyons and (top) outdoor enthusiasts Denny and Alyce Gross. To view this year's event, click here.

The 2011 Seeds of Remembrance event, “The Expressive Arts: Ways to Remember Those We Love” featured poet Emma Lou Thayne, painter Sue Martin and concert violinist Meredith Campbell.  To view last year’s event, click here.

Grief and the Holidays

As part of our educational mission, Caring Connections conducts several educational events every year.  Grief and the Holidays takes place every November and is designed to assist grieving people in navigating the holiday season. 

2013 grief and the holidays 2013 Event

Please click here to view our 2013 event featurring Award-Winning Journalist Peggy Fletcher Stack


Please click here to view our 2011 event featuring Margie Wahlstom.

Please click here to view our 2010 event featuring pianist and composer Paul Cardall.  For information on 2011 Grief and the Holidays, click here.

Race for Grief

2012 Race for Grief

race for grief

Many friends and supporters of Caring Connections participated in the 2012 Race for Grief. Our thanks to everyone who helped with this fabulous event—volunteers-Vicki Pond and Dinny Trabert; 2 mile walkers -Jan Harvey, Diane Huseth, and Vicki Briggs, and our runners—Mike Trabert, Mark Supiano, Lehi Rodriquez, Debbie Boulter , Shawna Rees and me---and our friend Carri Lyons.  We found it genuinely moving to be among young parents who were grieving and remembering dear children—it was just where Caring Connections ought to be.  Lora Erickson is an inspiring person and has generously coordinated this event for the benefit of Caring Connections and SHARE.

Race for Grief 2012 Race Video.