Why Study Gerontology?

Asian grandpa holding granddaughter

Top 10 Reasons to Study Gerontology at the U of U

  1. The program’s mission, which is to understand the aging experience at many levels – individual, family, community and society—and ground the discovery of knowledge in scientific process and evidence-based research that translates into applied interventions and programs for adults and their environments.
  2. The blend of a tenured, clinical and adjunct faculty who are skilled and accomplished in aging issues and research, including a presidential endowed chair in healthy aging, two Gerontological Society of America (GSA) fellows and an Association for Gerontology in Higher Education fellow.
  3. The diverse faculty, who come from a wide range of academic backgrounds including health promotion, human development, sociology, social work and nursing, and are associates of the Center on Aging, Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence and the Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  4. The adjunct faculty, who are leading gerontology professionals employed in community-based positions, which allows the program to form strong ties between academia and community.
  5. The number of master’s degrees awarded: almost 100 since its inception.
  6. The number of certificates in gerontology awarded: more than 500 certificates.
  7. The opportunity for students to design a customized program of study that is tailored toward their specific educational goals.
  8. The opportunity for master of science students to pursue one of several areas of emphasis, including Healthy Aging, Geriatric Care Management, Educational Gerontology and Lifelong Learning, Long-term Care and Aging Services Administration, and Research and Evaluation.
  9. The availability of both undergraduate and graduate certificate education online, enabling students across the country to certify
  10. The fact that the program has been preparing leaders in the field of aging for 40 years