Gerontology is the interdisciplinary study of the aging process and issues related to an aging society. As a basic and applied science, it examines psychological and social issues faced by individuals as they age as well as specific physiologic changes. Although much of the focus of Gerontology is on older adults and later life, the field recognizes the value of understanding the full life course—the human experience of aging.

Since the inception of our program in 1973, our mission is to prepare students as leaders and experts at many levels, including individual, family, community, and society. Gerontology faculty pursue active research in areas including bereavement and loss, family caregiving, Alzheimer’s disease, health promotion and self-care, special populations with disabilities, environmental issues, end-of-life and palliative care, and quality of long-term care.

Courses and programs are open to students from ALL academic disciplines and professions and serve to prepare the next generation of leaders for rewarding careers in the expanding field of aging. With the impressive projected growth in the older adult population, it is imperative that a broader range of students have the opportunity to receive a foundation in aging issues.
The Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program administers educational offerings at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

    Undergraduate Level                          Graduate Level
    -    Undergraduate minor                    -     Masters of Science
    -    Undergraduate certificate              -     Graduate certificate

All of our courses are offered in an ONLINE LEARNING FORMAT, making this an ideal program for those living at a distance, working professionals, or others who need the flexibility that online degree programs offer.  

University of Utah Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program (GIP) Student Newsletter

The Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program is affiliated with the following:
•    Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing
•    University of Utah Center on Aging
•    Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE)
•    Faculty members are members of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA)