Gerontology Interdisciplinary Certificates Overview

Certificate Overview

The program is designed for persons who want to work in the field of aging, those already active in the field and those who simply want to personally benefit from knowing more about the aging process and the implications of living in an aging society.

The interdisciplinary curriculum provides an overall view of the aging process and older adults. It examines specific changes common to older individuals as well as the broader psychological and social issues they face. Students interested in specific careers in gerontology should consult with the faculty to develop a program of study to meet their individual goals.

Length of Program

Fifteen (15) credit hours are required to complete the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Certificate Program. Coursework can be completed in as little as three semesters. All certificate requirements must be completed within three years.

Studying at a Distance

You can earn a Certificate in Gerontology through online courses. We offer five online courses (3 credits each). These five courses will count toward a Gerontology Certificate. For a detailed description of online courses and overview of content, please see the program of study.

Program Manager
Arminka Zeljkovic, MA
Phone: 801-581-8198

Faculty Specialty Track Director
Jackie Eaton, PhD
Phone: 801-587-9638


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