Nursing Honors Track in Nursing

Honors Track in Nursing

The mission of the Honors College is to “promote an enriched academic environment for talented and highly motivated students.” The Honors Program fosters values of social responsibility, inclusiveness and academic quality — in short, a community of excellence. The benefit of being in the honors program as a pre-nursing student is that no honors course exceeds an enrollment of 30 students and the average student/faculty ratio is 17 to one. In addition class instructors are selected on the basis of their demonstrated teaching excellence.

The College of Nursing is creating a departmental honors track that promotes academic excellence, intellectual exploration and community engagement in nursing. To graduate with an ‘Honors Degree’ the student must complete seven (7) honors courses and an honors thesis including presentation of thesis at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, while maintaining a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Five out of the seven (7) honors course requirements would be satisfied by general education courses offered through the Honors College. Students who earn a grade of A or A- in a LEAP course may count that course towards their Honors Degree.

Two of the honors courses are upper division courses in the College of Nursing (CON) that are currently undergoing an approval process at the College of Nursing and Honors College. The honors thesis (NURS 4999) can count as the required elective in the undergraduate nursing program.

Pre-Nursing students interested in earning an honors degree should apply to the honors college as freshman, take the recommended honors general education courses and contact the nursing honors advisor for more information about completing their honors degree in the nursing program.