Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Specialty Track Description

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) specialty track prepares Primary Care nurse practitioners that focus on providing care for conditions unique to women from menarche through the remainder of their lives as well as reproductive health care for men. Women’s health nurse practitioners provide evidence-based assessment diagnosis treatment and management in health promotion care of women’s common primary care non-gynecologic problems, gynecologic care, male sexual health and normal and high-risk prenatal and postpartum care. The women’s health nurse practitioner uses leadership and collaboration to provide comprehensive care in a variety of outpatient and acute care settings.

Specialty Track Highlights

  • Students are mentored within our unique faculty practice Birthcare Healthcare
  • Students have contact with diverse patient populations
  • High faculty to student ratio (never more than 2 students per 1 faculty in the clinical setting)
  • Innovative high fidelity simulation and interprofessional training
  • In-state tuition available for students residing in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
  • Option to complete dual CNM and WHNP specialties concurrently (extends program by 1 semester)
  • Each specialty program also offers to a post graduate certificate program of study

The educational approach in the DNP program includes multiple modalities, including traditional on campus and hybrid classes, web-based, and synchronous distance learning, and clinical experiences designed to meet student needs.

Length of Study

The WHNP tracks requires approximately 85 credit hours in didactic and clinical coursework. The single specialty track (WHNP) is 8 semesters long and the dual track (WHNP + CNP) is 9 semesters long. These options are available only as full-time programs (9+ credit hours per semester) and are completed in three (3) years, including at least two (2) summer semesters.

Studying at a Distance

The WHNP Specialty Track is available to students living in the Intermountain West. Participation may not be possible in all areas. Utah residents living more than 60 miles from the University of Utah are able to participate in the distance option.

Read more information on distance delivery.

Certification Eligibility

Graduates are prepared to sit for national certification from the National Certification Corporation (NCC). Upon successful completion of the exam candidates are eligible to become certified or licensed to practice.

Program of Study

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner plan of study requires completion of the DNP core curriculum, women’s health nurse practitioner specialty courses, a DNP Capstone Project, and approximately 1000 hours of practicum and residency experience. Students enrolling in the dual track plan of study, an additional semester of study is required.

Sample Program of Study

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