College of Nursing Application Instructions

Logging In

Create a New User

  • Click on the Application link
  • Click on New User
  • Fill in all form fields
  • Password must be at least 8 characters, contain a mix of letters, numbers, and at least one of these special characters: !#$%-_=+<>
  • Select your Program of Interest and a corresponding Emphasis
    • Accelerated BS is for those applicants who do not already have an RN license
    • Nursing Early Assurance Program BS is for High School Seniors and college Freshman with fewer than 30 credit hours
    • Post-Licensure BS is for those applicants who are Associates prepared and have an RN license (RN to BS)
  • Click Save to return to your Application Portal

Existing User

Requested Information Previously

If you have previously requested information through our website, attended an Information Session, or had a meeting with a Program Manager, you are likely already in our database. If you try to create a login and are unsuccessful, click the Forgot Your Password link from the login page and enter your email.

Using the Portal

New User

If you are a new user, you will need to create your profile before proceeding with the application. Click on My Profile from the menu on the upper right corner and fill in all the required fields and as many of the optional fields as you would like. Once a section is completed, put a check in the box next to Selecting this box will update this section as complete on the application checklist and click the Save & Continue button to proceed. Once you are finished with all the questions in My Profile, the application will load automatically.

Existing User

If you have already completed the My Profile portion of the application and are returning to continue, from the Application Portal, click on My Application from the menu located in the upper right corner.


The application can be completed in any order once you complete all sections of My Profile. Clicking on an item from the checklist on the left-hand side will take you to that section. Once a section is finished, put a check in the box next to Selecting this box will update this section as complete on the application checklist and click the Save & Continue button. This will mark the section as complete on the checklist. All sections are editable until you submit the application even if you have marked the section as complete. All sections must be checked complete prior to submission.

System Functionality

This is a brand new application portal for the College of Nursing. We have made every attempt to ensure that it is fully functional and it will provide our applicants a seamless, problem-free experience. However with any new software or program, issues can arise outside of a testing environment. Should you encounter any problems whatsoever, please contact Eric Kenney, Information Coordinator so he can assist in getting the issue resolved.

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