Student Spotlight Corner


Isabella Maria Kearns

Nursing BS

Porque ser enfermera?

The word nurse originates from the Latin root nutrire meaning "to nourish." Growing up in a tight-knit Mexican-American family I understood the joy of receiving physical nourishment through our Christmas tamales and Abuelita's salsa, but I desired to learn how to provide nourishment in a healthcare setting too. My medical experience has shown me what it means to nourish others as a nurse while inspiring me to follow my dream of becoming a nurse.

Back in high school, I decided to shadow my own pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Barbara Niklas. She impressed me because she was simultaneously confident in her work and humble at heart. Watching her listen and interact with patients, parents, and fellow practitioners provoked me to continue learning about nursing. I then took the Explore Nursing LEAP course that included discussion panels with nurses who broadened my understanding of the nature of nursing. Next, I received my CNA certification where I acquired valuable experience in clinical care. Upon assisting the self-giving nursing assistants during my CNA clinical, I knew that my heart was in nursing. To gain more knowledge of floor nursing, I volunteered at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center on the fourth floor Medical Surgery Unit and the Labor and Delivery/Post Partum Unit for two years. Volunteering amongst floor nurses gave me a glimpse of what nourishing others as a nurse really means on a daily basis: providing physical care, psychological care, and emotional care for our patients by advocating and collaborating with the healthcare team. I am forever grateful to have found this career and look forward to nourishing my future patients as a new nurse in the months to come.

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