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Roles of Preceptors, Faculty & Students

Role of the Faculty

  • Assist student with identification of learning outcomes for the course
  • Provide preceptor with appropriate course materials
  • Provide preceptor with information and expectations for student performance
  • Facilitate student orientation with the agency
  • Initiate interactions with preceptors regarding student progress in practicum
  • Monitor student progress in achieving learning outcomes and providing ongoing feedback
  • Evaluate student’s achievement and progress in relation to practicum learning outcomes with input from the preceptor, student journal, and clinical log (if applicable)
  • Make at least one contact to each preceptor/student pair during the practicum. Contact may include but it not limited to telephone consultation, inperson, or technologysupported site visits
  • Identify and evaluate practicum sites for appropriateness of learning experiences
  • Evaluate preceptor(s) at practicum site(s)
  • Verify student completion of practicum evaluation forms


Role of the Preceptor

  • Complete all required documents related to the preceptorship including preceptor fillable PDF with license number, experience, and the like
  • Orient student to the practicum setting, organizational policies, and key personnel
  • Discuss learning needs related to learning outcomes of the course with faculty and student
  • Provide teaching and supervision during the practicum for the student
  • Serve as a role model and guide
  • Assist student in professional development with opportunities to assume their clinical role
  • Demonstrate collaboration in the practicum setting
  • Provide feedback to the student throughout the practicum regarding the student’s performance
  • Provide student the opportunity to integrate evidencebased practice in the practicum experience
  • Complete student evaluation form and submit at midsemester and at end of semester


Role of the Student

  • Provide preceptor with the evaluation form at the beginning of the rotation
  • Clearly identify learning needs and outcomes with faculty and preceptor
  • Maintain professional appearance and behavior throughout practicum experience
  • Establish mutually agreeable schedule for the practicum time with the preceptor
  • Arrive at practicum prepared to perform in accordance with the assigned course learning outcomes
  • Follow all policies and procedures established at the practicum site and the College of Nursing Policy & Progression Manual
  • Keep the preceptor informed about learning activities
  • Ask assistance with new or unfamiliar procedures/learning activities
  • Communicate appropriate learning experiences with faculty and preceptor on a regular basis
  • Seek feedback regarding practicum progression
  • Maintain accurate records of practicum time and experiences
  • Complete the clinical log and/or other required course documents at designated intervals as specified in course syllabus