Roles of Preceptors, Faculty, & Students

For Graduate Clinical Practicums

Role of the Faculty

  • Assist student with identification of learning outcomes for the course
  • Provide preceptor with appropriate course materials
  • Provide preceptor with information and expectations for student performance
  • Facilitate student orientation with the agency
  • Initiate interactions with preceptors regarding student progress in practicum
  • Monitor student progress in achieving learning outcomes and providing ongoing feedback
  • Evaluate student’s achievement and progress in relation to practicum learning outcomes with input from the preceptor, student journal, and clinical log (if applicable)
  • Make at least one contact to each preceptor/student pair during the practicum. Contact may include but it not limited to telephone consultation, in‐person, or technology‐supported site visits
  • Identify and evaluate practicum sites for appropriateness of learning experiences
  • Evaluate preceptor(s) at practicum site(s)
  • Verify student completion of practicum evaluation forms

Role of the Preceptor

  • Complete all required documents related to the preceptorship including preceptor fillable PDF with license number, experience, and the like
  • Orient student to the practicum setting, organizational policies, and key personnel
  • Discuss learning needs related to learning outcomes of the course with faculty and student
  • Provide teaching and supervision during the practicum for the student
  • Serve as a role model and guide
  • Assist student in professional development with opportunities to assume an expanded nursing role
  • Demonstrate collaboration in the practicum setting
  • Provide feedback to the student throughout the practicum regarding the student’s performance
  • Provide student the opportunity to integrate evidence‐based practice in the practicum experience
  • Complete student evaluation form and submit at mid‐semester and at end of semester

Role of the Graduate Student

  • Provide preceptor with the evaluation form at the beginning of the rotation
  • Clearly identify learning needs and outcomes with faculty and preceptor
  • Maintain professional appearance and behavior throughout practicum experience
  • Establish mutually agreeable schedule for the practicum time with the preceptor
  • Arrive at practicum prepared to perform in accordance with the assigned course learning outcomes
  • Follow all policies and procedures established at the practicum site and the College of Nursing Student Handbook
  • Keep the preceptor informed about learning activities
  • Ask assistance with new or unfamiliar procedures/learning activities
  • Communicate appropriate learning experiences with faculty and preceptor on a regular basis
  • Seek feedback regarding practicum progression
  • Maintain accurate records of practicum time and experiences
  • Complete the clinical log and/or student journal at designated intervals

Preceptor Profile

This form allows us to collect the data we are required to collect to maintain our accreditation. We need every preceptor to complete it when they begin precepting for us.

You do not have to fill it out every time you take a student. However, it would be helpful if you fill it out again if any information changes (job changes, receiving new/additional credentials, and the like). 

Preceptor Profile Form