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1. Become Clinically Certified

Many high schools offer programs where you can train to be a certified nurse assistant for very little cost. It is a great idea to get this training in high school. It gives you an opportunity for employment and access to the field of nursing. Talk to your high school counselor about signing up.

2. Challenge Your Science and Math Skills

A lot of the classes that are required to get into the nursing programs have math and science as a base. Take as many math and science classes as you can while you are in high school so you will be well prepared for the prerequisites which could help you have a higher GPA.

3. Get Involved: Volunteer & Community Service

Students who can link their interests and academics are some of the happiest and most fulfilled. These can be campus or community based. They can be clinical or non-clinical. Think about the things that you like to do and kind of people you like to be around. There are lots of health-related community organizations who need volunteers.

4. Develop Strong Writing and Communication Skills

Becoming a strong writer is one of the best things you can do regardless of what career you choose. Most employers value employees who can write well, and many employers say college graduates need more writing preparation. At the college level you will be required to take two (2) writing courses, one lower division (WRTG 2010) and one upper division (3000 level and up) in order to graduate.

When you enroll in college make sure you are taking the classes that will complete the prerequisite requirements completed in time to apply for the nursing school. Those with the asterisk (*) must be completed with a grade prior to the application deadline of January 15th.

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