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The College of Nursing's Care Management Certificate is not just for nurses. Care management professionals are navigators for patients on significant healthcare journeys. The smooth the gaps in a complex and fragmented health care system.

Care management certification is versatile and will accelerate any healthcare career. With advanced interpersonal training in direct patient/provider engagement, care managers are key to promoting positive health choices and health outcomes.

  • Reduce costs for patients and providers
  • Eliminate care redundancies
  • Support patient self-management
  • Resolve health care disparities

Through certification, health professionals such as nurses, social workers, or health educators can expand their experience to include care management, care coordination, case management, and other critical skills.

Program of Study

The following courses are required to obtain the Care Management graduate certificate:

  • NURS 6390 - Care Management: Clinical Issues (3)
  • NURS 6392 - Care Management: Legal, Financial, and Business Issues (3)
  • NURS 6470 - Care Management for Individuals Practicum (2)
  • NURS 6472 - Care Management Practicum for Populations (2)
  • NURS 6710 - Health and Systems I (3)
  • NURS 6711 - Health and Systems II (3)

Total Program Hours: 15