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The PhD curriculum provides a foundation in nursing theory development, research, issues, and role development. Specialization in a research area and role development is achieved through an individualized program of study developed with a faculty advisor. This program incorporates career goals and theory and methods of the selected research area. Study in related subjects may be included. Course descriptions can be found in the University of Utah General Catalog.

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Specialty Cohorts

BS- and MS-PhD students admitted to a specialty cohort (gerontology- or oncology-focused) take coursework according to the program of study examples listed above. One of the distinctions between the generic program and specialty-focused program is that for specialty cohorts, the exemplars and assignments for each course are tailored to fit the specialty area of research. Additionally, some students may be required to take a specialty-related graduate level foundational course during the first year of study.


Application for Fall 2020 opens in September 1st and the deadline is December 1st

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Program Manager
Carrie Radmall
Phone: 801-581-8798

To consult faculty on the program of study or your research career, contact:

Assistant Dean, PhD Program
Paula Meek, RN, PhD, FAAN

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