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Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones

Miranda Glynis Jones is an undergraduate student at the University of Utah studying for her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honors. Her area of personal research is in Cultural Psychology, specifically factors impacting health of indigenous peoples in the United States of America. Miranda volunteers at the Maliheh Free Clinic which provides healthcare services for patients who are uninsured, as well as the Utah AIDS Foundation. It is important to Miranda that her volunteer work is rooted in organizations that strive toward equality in healthcare. She has worked for the Hospice Today Project since early February 2018. The SGM (sexual and gender minority) subset of the Hospice Today Project is especially exciting to Miranda, as her activism and volunteer work is tailored to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. As an undergraduate research assistant, Miranda hopes to learn more about end of life care and communication that she can apply in a future career in medicine. Miranda loves spending time at home with her two dogs, reading non-fiction literature, and watching the news.
Diane Theriault

Diane Theriault

Diane serves as Research Assistant at Care Dimensions (MA) coordinating the technical and administrative details associated with the Hospice Care Today research study. Diane also works at Care Dimensions as a Confidence Liaison. In this role, she calls hospice patients who are enrolled in the Cardiac and Respiratory Specialty Programs. By offering compassionate listening to both patient and caregiver concerns, these communications support the interdisciplinary team’s ongoing care assessments to maintain patient’s comfort and quality throughout their time in hospice. When not pursing work endeavors, Diane enjoys spending time with family and following passions of photography, reading and quiet explorations in nature.

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