Qualitative Research Journal


Janice M. Morse, RN, PhD (Anthro), PhD (Nurs), FAAN
Professor and Ida May "Dotty" Barnes, RN, & D. Keith Barnes, MD,
Presidential Endowed Chair 
College of Nursing, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Phone: (801) 585-3930
Email: Janice.morse@nurs.utah.edu

Qualitative Health Research, widely referred to as QHR, is an international, interdisciplinary, refereed journal for the enhancement of health care. Published monthly, it is designed to further the development and understanding of qualitative research methods in health care settings. The journal is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, academics, administrators, others in the health and social service professions and graduate students who seek examples of qualitative methods.

QHR is published by Sage Publications, Inc., 2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA

Comprehensive, Timely Coverage from a Variety of Perspectives

Issues of QHR provide readers with a wealth of information, including articles covering research, theory and methods in the following areas:

  • Description and analysis of the illness experience
  • Health and health-seeking behaviors
  • The experiences of caregivers 
  • The sociocultural organization of health care
  • Health care policy

Articles in QHR examine an array of timely topics such as chronic illness; risky behaviors; patient-health professional interactions; pregnancy and parenting; substance abuse; food, feeding, and nutrition; living with disabilities; milestones and maturation; monitoring health; children's perspectives on health and illness; and much more. In addition the journal addresses a variety of perspectives, including cross-cultural health, family medicine, health psychology, health social work, medical anthropology, sociology, nursing, pediatric health, physical education, public health and rehabilitation. 

We also consider critical reviews; articles addressing qualitative methods; and commentaries on conceptual, theoretical, methodological and ethical issues pertaining to qualitative inquiry.

QHR Manuscript Guidelines