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Research Grants - Sigma Theta Tau

Fall Research Awards


The purpose of the Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Gamma Rho Chapter Research Award is to support specific research projects by faculty member(s) and graduate students.The award must include a specific time frame for completion.

Financial Limits On Grants

The applicant will be required to justify the budget in detail (budget form). A single proposal can be requested and vary in budget amounts up to $500.00. The fund can be used to match or augment other sources of support. Appropriate types of expenditures may be determined from the budget form.


Theresa S. LaPlante Research Award, University of Utah College of Nursing Faculty

STTI Gamma Rho Chapter awards the Theresa S. LaPlante Research Award annually to a University of Utah College of Nursing Faculty member. All faculty (regular, research, clinical, academic staff) who are STTI Gamma Rho members are eligible to apply for a research award. The faculty member must be the principal investigator (PI) on the proposal. If no faculty applications are awarded, the Theresa S. LaPlante Research Award may be given to a College of Nursing graduate student applicant. Membership in STTI Gamma Rho Chapter is required.

Graduate Students

Sigma Theta Tau International Gamma Rho Chapter Graduate Student Research Awards

All PhD, DNP, and MS students enrolled in the University of Utah College of Nursing may submit an application for a STTI Gamma Rho Chapter research award. Membership in STTI Gamma Rho Chapter is required.




Eligibility Criteria

Appropriate projects:

  • PhD (Nursing) students may submit their dissertation research as long as they have passed their proposal defense and they have not yet held their final defense; data collection may be underway
  • DNP students may submit their capstone project
  • MS nursing students may submit their thesis or research project

Stage of Completion

Dissertation research, research project/thesis or capstone project may be in process but may not have had the final defense.

Must not have received other funding for the same budget items submitted in this application; must be present to receive the award in person (except distance students) at the annual STTI Gamma Rho Induction and Awards Ceremony.

Submission & Review

Submit proposals electronically to the following:

Nancy A. Allen
Research Committee Chair

Award proposal submissions are due on October 25, 2021 at 5pm. The proposals will be evaluated for soundness of the proposed plan, budget and the potential benefit to the applicant. Funding decisions will be made by October 29, 2021.



Research/Proposal Guidelines


The proposal is limited to a maximum of three typewritten pages, not including title page, budget and references. The font size must not be less then 11-point Arial, and the margins must not be less than 1/2-inch. The style for references and in-text citations must be consistent throughout the proposal.

The proposal should consist of the following items:

  • Title Page – Including title of project, name and address of investigator(s), graduate students, committee chairperson’s name and phone number.
  • Main body
  • Research purpose
  • Significance (including brief literature review with references)
  • Research questions or hypotheses
  • Methods
  • Design and explanation of procedures
  • Setting and sample
  • Instrumentation/measurement
  • Analysis
  • Implications - Describe implications of your research and the contribution this project will make to your research program and/or clinical practice
  • References
  • Appendix (research instruments)
  • Budget (include itemized details and justification)
  • Timeline (including award period, beginning and ending date)
  • Agreement form (sign and include form with proposal)

Project Final Report

Each award recipient is expected to submit a final project report including project summary, results, publications, and presentations at the end of the project. Submit report via email to the following:

Nancy A. Allen

*All subsequent publications and presentations will be required to acknowledge funding from STTI, Gamma Rho Chapter.

Human Subjects

It is the principal investigator’s responsibility to obtain approval from all necessary University committees, including but not limited to the University of Utah Institutional Review Board, for all research involving human subjects