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College Student Council

Improving the College of Nursing Student Experience

We are the College of Nursing College Student Council (CSC). CSC is made up of an executive board and eight committees that focus on bringing a balanced, professional, and enjoyable experience to the College of Nursing.

College Student Council's mission is striving to support and promote the nursing profession by providing resources and services to nursing students. By hosting events and programs, as well as advocating for all students in the College of Nursing we hope to enhance their educational experience and the lives of those they will serve.

College Student Council's vision is to empower, support, and educate the future nurses of tomorrow by elevating the nursing profession through contributing our voices in advocacy, and furthering our professional presence, support all nurses through our committees and board to ensure success upon graduation, and provide leadership opportunities to increase experience, and expose our nurses to many different situations.

Why get involved? We are an academic and social organization run by current nursing students who serve and support our communities, make everlasting memories and friends, find ways to connect with faculty, and grow professionally. Nurses support nurses and it is important to connect each other to resources and departments to allow for opportunities of professional and personal growth that help further develop our nursing identity. CSC allows students to have the opportunity to travel to attend NSNA conferences, explore different nursing specialties, and collaborate with nurses throughout the interdisciplinary profession. Alumni statements on their experience with CSC

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