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What does your gift do

Donating to scholarships can significantly impact students' lives by providing them with access to education they might not have otherwise. These scholarships alleviate financial burdens, allowing students to focus on their studies rather than worrying about how to afford tuition, books, or living expenses. By supporting scholarships, donors empower students to pursue their passions, fulfill their potential, and ultimately contribute positively to society. See the impact of scholarships here.

  • Jeanette Moreno, Pre-Licensure Student, Summer 2024 Cohort 

    As a first-generation Latina college student your support has helped me move forward. Scholarships are helping me achieving my dream and calling!

  • Katelyn Rager

    As a scholarship recipient, it is humbling to know that so many individuals support the growth and success of students. Scholarship support fuels our determination to become strong individuals who can make a positive impact in our community.

  • Lorena Zamarron-Jimenez 

    This scholarship has helped me become the first nurse in my family to become a nurse in another country.

  • Lisa Bell, DNP Student

    Donor support meant I could pursue additional certifications to expand my knowledge and maximize my clinical rotation experience.  

see your impact

Hear about the impact of scholarships from Mike Reilly, a prelicensure student working towards his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.