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Chapter Excellence Awards

Chapter Excellence Awards

Gamma Rho Chapter Excellence Awards recognize nurse leaders for their considerable work within various nursing disciplines. Do you know someone who exemplifies nursing excellence? Nominate them below!

Criteria for Nomination

Consider nominating an outstanding nursing colleague, faculty member, nursing teacher, nurse educator, clinician, or any deserving nurse colleague for one of the seven chapter awards below. Submit a letter of support OR a PowerPoint slide with bullet points supporting their nomination and describe how the applicant meets the defined criteria. Preference given to Sigma members.

Please send nominations to


Early Career Nurse Innovator

  • Registered nurse in practice for two to five years
  • Demonstrates skill in nursing practice
  • Contributes to quality of care by leading or actively participating in improving quality of patient care
  • Participates in continuing education to further enhance nursing practice

Excellence in Education

  • Demonstrates excellence in teaching
  • Actively promotes growth of nursing students and/or nursing professionals
  • Contributes to scholarship (research, systematic evaluation, publishing, presenting) in nursing education
  • Positively influences the professional practice of nursing and the public’s image of nursing through excellence in teaching

Excellence in Leadership

  • Receives recognition as a nursing leader in education, practice, administration, and/or research
  • Influences leadership in nursing through visionary and innovative approaches to leadership
  • Creates an environment that enhances the image of nursing
  • Participates in the development of nursing leaders

Excellence in Mentorship

  • Actively shapes and promotes the careers of nurses
  • Freely shares own resources for the growth and development of individual nurses or groups of nurses
  • Maintains the mentoring relationship with nurses over time

Excellence in Practice

  • Majority of time is spent in direct patient care
  • Demonstrates expertise in an area of clinical nursing practice
  • Advances the practice of nursing to enhance quality patient care
  • Positively influences the image of nursing through practice

Excellence in Research

  • Conducts original research involving innovative projects
  • Disseminates research findings to a broad audience
  • Encourages research activities within Sigma and the nursing community

Excellence in Scholarship

  • Connects the research to practice settings with innovative evidence-based practice changes and quality improvement projects
  • Disseminates evidence-based practice and quality improvement innovations
  • Encourages scholarship activities and innovations within Sigma, nursing, academia, and healthcare settings

Previous Awardees

    Clinical Educator Legacy Award: Tamara Ekker
    Excellence in Clinical Practice: Dr. Frances Johnson
    Excellence in Education: Dr. Julie Gee
    Excellence in Leadership: Cheryl Armstrong and Rebecca Wilson
    Excellence in Mentorship: Dr. John Nerges 
    Early Career Nurse Innovator: Dr. Paige Miller
    Excellence in Research/Scholarship: Dr. Perry Gee
    Research Grant Award: Scott Christensen

    Excellence in Clinical Practice: Erin Johnson Cole
    Excellence in Education: Ann Butt and Nancy Allen
    Excellence in Leadership: Jennifer Macali
    Excellence in Mentorship: Brenda Luther
    Research Grant Award: Kelly Mansfield and Lisa Taylor Swanson

    Excellence in Clinical Practice: Jessica Ellis
    Excellence in Education: Nanci McLeskey
    Excellence in Leadership: Connie Madden
    Excellence in Mentorship: Carolyn Scheese
    Research Grant Award: Shawna Sisler and Youjeong Kang

    Early Career Innovator: Brittany Low
    Excellence in Clinical Practice: Jennifer Clifton and Michelle Litchman
    Excellence in Education: Linda Edelman
    Excellence in Leadership: Jennifer Macali
    Excellence in Mentorship: Nancy Allen
    Research Grant Award: Sarah Wawrzynski