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College of Nursing Simulation Center

Bringing Education to Life

The College of Nursing Simulation Center was made possible by a gift from Intermountain Healthcare.

Bridging the Gap Between Academic and Clinical Practice

The College of Nursing Simulation Center is an innovative and high-tech hub for experiential learning.  It offers a clinical setting where healthcare professionals can actively apply their knowledge in simulation, observation, and debriefing of real-life patient-scenarios, with the goal of improving patient safety and care.


Basic Preparation Studio

In the basic preparation studio, mannequins and task trainer models are used to teach psycho-motor and assessment skills.

Students practice a variety of tasks, including starting IVs and practicing wound care. The basic studio space has technology and space to accommodate didactic content delivery, which allows students to learn about and observe the procedure before practicing.

As students progress, learning becomes more complex, with the incorporation of psycho-social, communication and critical thinking skills. Various levels of mannequins and simulators add realism and complexity to learning experiences. For example, the ability to program heart and lung sounds in the “patients” enables students to listen and monitor appropriate anatomical locations.


If you would like to schedule the Sim Center contact:

Mandy Thomson at and Deb Boulter at

Advanced Preparation Studio

In the advanced preparation studio of the College of Nursing Simulation Center, students learn and apply the skills and knowledge needed to provide safe, evidence-based and quality patient care.

In this area, technologically sophisticated mannequins replicate real patients from infancy to adulthood. Among other capabilities, these mannequins have heartbeats and breath sounds. They can speak. And they respond physiologically to student actions.

Here students practice prioritizing the diverse needs of complex patients while practicing effective communication in a busy acute care environment that can replicate surgical wards, critical care units and emergency departments.


If you would like to schedule the Sim Center contact:

Mandy Thomson at and Deb Boulter at

Director of Simulation

Ann Butt, ED.D, RN, CHSE
Associate Professor (Clinical)
Executive Director, College of Nursing Simulation & Experiential Learning
Co-Director of Simulation Based Experiential Learning UUHealth
Fellow, Academy of Health Science Educators

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm MST
Weekends and Evenings: By Appointment
University Holidays: Closed

Phone: (801) 581-5724