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The advanced simulation side consists of 6 patient rooms, meant to simulate an inpatient hospital setting. Rooms are equipped with a bed, VS monitor, nursing cart, and bedside table. Crash carts and additional code medications are available outside each patient room. Advanced respiratory devices available upon request
SP/Actor Specifications

SP/Actor Specifications

SKIP if only using mannequin
Mannequin Specifications

Mannequin Specifications

SKIP if only using SP/actors

high fidelity mannequins: advanced sounds and settings with the ability to defibrillate
mid fidelity mannequins: limited sounds and settings; cannot defibrillate
Premie (1 high fidelity)
Infant (2 high fidelity, 2 mid fidelity)
Pediatric (1 high fidelity, 1 mid fidelity)
Adult Female (2 high fidelity available, 2 mid fidelity)
Adult Male (5 high fidelity available, 1 has vent options)
Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

how can we make this simulation come to life?
*bedside nursing cart includes basic nursing supplies (alcohol, tape, syringes, IV pump tubing)
Do you need recording capabilities?