Diversity and Inclusion


Under the leadership of the dean of the College of Nursing and Outreach & Inclusion Committee, the college encourages and values diversity in its faculty, staff, student body and future practitioners in the workforce.

Diversity in the classroom and curriculum prepares students for the society in which they will someday serve. A diverse learning community brings greater respect, understanding and appreciation of the richness of human differences. Through diversity and inclusion efforts, the College of Nursing joins national organizations in the goal to eliminate health disparities among underserved populations.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing specifically recognizes that "qualified applicants should represent the cultural, racial, ethnic, economic, gender and social diversity of the broader population. The goal is to create a community of culturally competent scholars, students, staff and practitioners, with the appreciation of a world view of interconnectivity and community." To fulfill this commitment, the College of Nursing conducts many activities to reach underrepresented and underserved students for recruitment, admission, retention, graduation and successful completion of credentialing requirements.

The College of Nursing works closely with potential applicants from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to those from socially or economically disadvantaged communities, diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, rural communities and men interested in nursing.