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Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

The College of Nursing Dean’s Advancement Board at the University of Utah sponsors the Distinguished Alumni Award. This award recognizes College of Nursing alumni who have attained a high level of professional accomplishments and/or has advanced nursing or gerontology through practice, research, education, or administration.

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have graduated 15 or more years ago.

Distinguished Alumni Awardee

Congratulations to Dr. Sheryl Steadman for receiving the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award!

Learn more about Dr. Steadman HERE

Dr. Sheryl Steadman

Nominee Qualifications

Nominees must hold a degree from the University of Utah College of Nursing. Nominees may not be current members of the College of Nursing Dean’s Advancement Board. Nominees possess such stature and integrity that College of Nursing faculty, staff, students, and alumni are proud of and inspired by their recognition. Neither nominators nor nominees are required to financially support the University of Utah, the College of Nursing, or the College of Nursing Alumni Association.

Nominee Criteria

Use the following criteria as a guide for describing a nominee’s qualifications for the award. The contributions may include, but are not limited to, exceptional achievement in the following areas:

  • Professional Achievement: Nominee provides outstanding leadership in nursing or gerontology; demonstrates excellence in practice, research, education, and/or administration; has earned distinction for excelling professionally, and reflects honor upon the College of Nursing.
  • Sphere of Influence (local, state, national, or international): Nominee influences nursing or gerontology in a professional capacity that extends beyond place of employment.
  • Community Service (local, state, national, or international): Nominee embodies the spirit of service, making significant humanitarian contributions to the community; greatly impacts the community through actions; mentors community members; engages in varied service initiatives; improves the environment; fosters equity, diversity, and inclusion in a community; and/or improves the lives of others.

Submit a Nomination

The nomination packet should include:

  • Nomination Form
  • CV / Resume 
  • Two Letters of Support 

Click the button below to complete the online nomination form. Please email CV/Resume and two letters of support to

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Dean’s Advancement Board will present the Distinguished Alumni Award during a University of Utah College of Nursing event associated with Alumni Week in the fall. Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the event.             

2023: Sheryl Steadman

2022: Susan VanBeuge

2021: Barbara Wilson, BS '84

2020: Award not held in 2020

2019: Sydney Spangler, MSN ’99

2018: Susan Matney, PhD '15

2017: Kathleen Kaufman, MSN '87

2016: Nancy Godfrey, PhD '81

2015: Jan Thompson, PhD ‘83

2014: Pam Cipriano, PhD '92

2013: Jana Lauderdale, PhD '92

2012: Jill Fuller, PhD '91

2011: Kathy McCance

2010: Deanne Williams

2009: Joyceen Boyle

2008: Reg Williams

2007: Marilyn “Dee” Ray

2006: Janice Morse

2005: Mary Ann Johnson

2004: Paula Herberg