Executive Committee

Charged with executive oversight of the activities of the Alumni Board.  Composed of the president, president elect or past president and committee chairs.   Specifically responsible for the following:

  • Strategic direction and approval of alumni board activities and objectives
  • Nominate officers and board members for the board
  • Approve committee chairpersons and members
  • Financial solvency of the Board
  • Orientation for new board members
  • Participate in broader university alumni events when appropriate (i.e. sporting events, founder’s day, commencement)


Co-Presidents: Dianne Stewart and Teresa Garrett

President-Elect: Chris Johnson

Alumni Events and Recognition Committee: Gail McGuill and Melissa Alm, Co-Chairs

Alumni and Student Engagement Committee: Nanci McLeskey and Denise Ward, Co-Chairs

Honors for Nursing Committee: Therese Aschkenase and Yuri Kubotera, Co-Chairs

Alumni Engagement Committee

Establish and foster relationships to support the interests of the college and its alumni and to increase public relations and visibility within the community.  Specifically responsible for the following:

  • Oversight of the Distinguished Alumni Award process (beginning in February) with event in the fall
  • Oversight of the Dare to Care Award
  • Recognize alumni (awards, class notes, in magazine, etc.)
  • Review, assess, and/or implement potential new programs such as:
    • Reunions
    • Alumni invited to (and as possible speaker) at CON Seminar Series
    • Career resources and job posting on Web site
    • Linked-In group
    • Matching gift program (done at HFN) could include in annual appeal
    • Create class giving by segmented groups (years 5, 10, 25, 50 or young alumni)
    • ½ Century Club
    • NCLEX Support
    • General marketing/advertising for HFN
    • Faces of Nursing

Committee: Jody Osteyee                                 Robin Phillips

                  Deena Lofgren                               Chris Johnson

                  Dianne Stewart                              Gail McGuill

                  Melissa Alm                                     Yuri Kubotera

                  Terese Cracroft                              

**Staff: Janzell Tutor and Rebecca Walsh

Student Programming Committee

Oversight of student programming to facilitate engagement and to provide support to students.  Specifically responsible for the following:

  • Alumni board pancakes, pies or pizza for graduating students (BSN & Grad), multiple times a year (April, July, December)
  • Oversight of mentoring program and other engagement programs
  • Gifts for graduating students (key chains)
  • Support and engagement with students (SAC)
  • Review and implement new engagement programs such as:
    • Involvement with new student welcome
    • Commencement events and activities
    • Student scholarship recognition
    • Recognize PhD students
    • Young Alumni
    • Alumni Ambassadors
    • Lamp of Learning
    • Facebook Presence
    • Online Forums

Committee: Therese Aschkenase                     Matthew Anderson (Grad Rep)                                      

                  Vanessa Laurella                         Nanci McLeskey

                  Teresa Garrett                                 Denise Ward

                  Stacie Ireland (SAC rep)             Brenda Luther

                  **Staff: Dinny Trabert and Mary Neville

Honors for Nursing Committee

Responsible for coordination, promotion, and management of the Honors for
Nursing event held each May. 

Committee: Therese Aschkenase and Yuri Kubotera (Co-chairs)

Sub-committees (if needed)
Dare to Care Award
Recognition Videos, Program, Media and Publicity


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