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Preceptor Credentials for Accreditation

Preceptor Credentials

Preferred preceptor minimum qualifications include

  • a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing for baccalaureate students
  • a master’s degree or higher for masters students
  • an active unencumbered RN license. 

Due to preceptor availability, exceptions to minimum requirements may be made with documented clinical experience in appropriate health care settings.

Preceptor Profile Form

The preceptor profile form allows us to collect the data we are required to collect to maintain our accreditation. We need every preceptor to complete it when they begin precepting for us. You do not have to fill it out every time you take a student. However, it would be helpful if you fill it out again if any information changes (job changes, receiving new/additional credentials, and the like).

Complete the Preceptor Profile Form



Preceptor Profile Forms