Nursing Informatics Certificate

The market demand for informatics nurses is high and University of Utah is ranked #7 in the nation among nursing informatics programs. One career trend watcher recently named nursing informatics one of the ten hottest emerging careers in the United States. A degree in nursing informatics will allow you to lead or assist with the development, implementation and evaluation of information system applications for any area of practice. This high demand specialty will give you the knowledge to improve the health of consumers and improve organizational processes through information management and information technology.

At the University of Utah, you will have a unique interprofessional experience as you learn with biomedical, pharmacy and other informatics students. You will take many of your courses jointly with these students and work together on projects as you learn from nationally known faculty. Also, we have a new student-centered education building, available to you around the clock.

Our programs are at the center of informatics activities at the University of Utah. Our students collaborate across many disciplines - psychology, architecture, computer science, biomedical engineering and clinical departments on fascinating projects for example to develop novel designs for physiological monitors, design patient-centered decision support applications, create risk mitigation strategies for implementing solutions or develop web-based educational programs for families of NICU.

The Nursing Informatics program has superb sites for student experiences, informatics projects and employment opportunities. Sites in Utah have been at the forefront of informatics since the 1980s and continue to lead the nation in computerized solutions.

A cohort of approximately 10-12 students is accepted into the Nursing Informatics program each fall semester./p>

Length of Program

Fifteen (15) credit hours are required to complete the Informatics Graduate Certificate. It can be completed in as little as two semesters.

Studying at a Distance

Not all informatics courses are available online or via distance, but, with careful course selection, the certificate can be completed at a distance.

Program of Study

The following courses are required to obtain the Nursing Informatics graduate certificate:

  • One Informatics Introductory Course (3 credits)
    • BMI 6010
    • BMI 6030
    • BMI 6700
    • NURS 6810
  • Required seminars (2 credits)
    • Spring Graduate Seminar (1 credit)
    • Fall Graduate Seminar (1 credit)
  • Informatics Electives (10 credits)
    • Students may select courses to meet their learning objectives.
    • Depending on the student's prior background (e.g. clinical vs. computer science), the elective courses can be chosen from any of the standard courses offered by Nursing or Biomedical Informatics, or other appropriate departments such as Psychology, Computer Science or the Eccles School of Business.
    • A faculty advisor will be assigned to each student to guide them in selecting courses that best meet their needs.
    • Courses outside BMI and NI must be approved by the advisor to be counted toward the certificate award.

Total Program Hours = 15

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