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Teaching and Learning Model

 A Blend of the Utah Model and Distance Access to Education

  • Synchronous distance learning
  • Studying with a cohort
  • Conference-based learning and on-campus intensives
  • Mentorship with fellow students and faculty with common research and specialty track interests
  • Year-round study
  • Specialty track clinical intensives (may require on-campus presence)

Synchronous and Distance Learning, Combined with Specialty Track Clinical Placements

The dual DNP-PhD program is offered through synchronous (videoconference) and online distance education, in addition to several weeklong on-campus intensives for PhD study, and multi-week clinical intensives for DNP specialty track clinical preparation. This approach allows students living outside of Salt Lake City, Utah to complete the program without relocating to Utah. However, students are not guaranteed specialty track clinical placement in their own geographic areas, which would require traveling to Utah for clinical intensives, such as 2-8 week assignments at contracted clinical sites in Utah.

Speak With An Advisor

DNP Program Manager
Shelley Kern, MPC

PhD Program Manager
Carrie Radmall
Phone: 801-581-8798

To consult faculty on the program of study or your research career, contact:

Assistant Dean, MS/DNP Program
Gwen Latendresse, PhD CNM FACNM
Phone: 801-587-9636

Assistant Dean, PhD Program
Kristin G. Cloyes, PhD MN RN
Phone: 503-939-7982

Contact Us

Office of Student Services
Phone: 801-587-3194

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