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Student Funding

“I work full time and take care of my daughter, as well as go to school. Thanks to my scholarship, I’m better able concentrate on my studies rather than my financial problems.”

-Santiago Rivera, RN-BS graduate and Ripple Scholarship recipient

Undergraduate Scholarships

Our three undergraduate programs are a bridge for students to enter the nursing profession or to earn a higher credential. Many undergraduate students are juggling jobs, families, or career changes in tandem with the rigors of nursing school. Scholarships ease the burden of tuition for low-income and/or first-generation college students, increasing program accessibility and a student's ability to focus on education.

  • 26% of NEAP students received scholarships | Average award: $5,709
  • 28% of Prelicensure students received scholarships | Average award: $3,999
  • 19% of RN to BS students received scholarships | Average award: $2,794

Graduate Scholarships | MS & DNP

Many of our graduate students work full or part time in order to support their family, pay tuition, and afford cost of living expenses. Scholarships allow students to reduce their working hours, focus on education, and maintain mental health. Our graduate students go on to work in advanced practice, education, and research—supporting their education is a gift that supports the health of our community.

  • 21% of MS students (excluding Gerontology) received scholarships | Average award: $10,412
  • 28% of DNP students received scholarships | Average award: $9,540

PhD Scholarships

PhD scholarships support future nurse scientists, researchers, and faculty. Many of our PhD students are balancing full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and education. Scholarships for these students help the College of Nursing to attract the best and brightest students to our program, since a PhD can often take four to five years to complete.

  • 76% of PhD students received scholarships | Average award: $17,676

Ripple Scholarship

Life doesn’t stop because a student is in school—the Ripple Scholarship ensures students get across the finish line. Financial emergencies like unexpected visits to the ER, a car crash, a flooded home, losing a job, or unplanned childcare expenses can derail a student’s education. Emergency aid like the Ripple Scholarship can be delivered quickly throughout the academic year, helping students get through a financial crisis so that they can focus on academics.

  • Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, applications for this scholarship have increased by 330%. The College has made 98 awards totaling $145,150.

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