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    Official transcripts are transcripts that are sealed and sent directly to the University of Utah from the institution(s) you have previously attended. Contact the registrar at each institution you have attended and request an official transcript be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office:

    University of Utah Graduate Admissions Office
    201 South 1460 East, Room 250 S
    Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9057

    Many institutions allow students to submit a request for official transcripts online using a credit card, but some may require a request via phone or mail. Be sure to initiate this process as soon as possible, as mailing transcripts can take several weeks to months and your application will not be considered complete until all transcripts have been received.

    YES. The University of Utah Graduate Admissions requires that all transcripts must be received before a student's application is processed. Failure to have all transcripts sent in a timely manner may result in delayed processing or cancellation of your admissions application.

    The College of Nursing application requires students to provide at least three professional references. It is recommended that students select individuals who know you professionally and can speak to your potential for academic achievement in doctoral study and development as a researcher.

    Once you have selected your references, there is a form each individual must complete. This form is included in the application packet. The references are responsible for completing and mailing in the form, so be sure to choose those who will respond according to your timeframe.

    You should select individuals who know you well enough to provide beneficial information. If possible, it is recommended that at least one of your references have a PhD.

    You will want to consider anything that exemplifies your writing ability. It is essential that no matter the type of document you submit, the writing sample should be your original work and not the primary work of others. Examples of unpublished writing samples are items such as a work-related paper or report, your Master's thesis or a project from your undergraduate work.

    You may submit up to two papers or book chapters. Choose any research-based publications first, followed by samples which reflect scholarly, well-referenced work. If your work is written with multiple authors, select those for which you carried the primary responsibility for the writing.

    Yes. You must submit GRE scores taken within the past five years. However, don’t let this deter you from applying. You need only take the general test; no subject tests are required. The general test is comprised of three sections: verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. Favorable GRE scores are greater than the 50th percentile on the verbal and quantitative tests and greater than a 4.0/6.0 on the analytical writing section. You should submit an application even if your scores are lower than the numbers outlined, as the admissions committee reviews all components of the application as a package and take many aspects into consideration for admission into the PhD Program.

    It is recommended you view the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website for details regarding GRE General Test, registration, cost, testing locations, test preparation and more. Keep in mind that it takes several weeks for your official scores to be sent from ETS, and we must receive these scores by the January 15 deadline for you to be considered for admission.

    • Brief discussion of your background as it relates to healthcare research
    • Rationale for your desire to pursue a PhD
    • Rationale for specifically seeking admission into the University of Utah College of Nursing PhD Program
    • Description of your experience with computers, the use of technology and/or distance education
    • Description of research interests
    • Possible dissertation topic (if you have one)
    • Description of a fit between your research interests and that of the PhD Program faculty
    • Discussion of career goals and objectives post-graduation (namely how you will you utilize your research skills)

    There is not a page limit but the written statement should be focused and concise. Most written statements are no longer than one to two pages.

    Your resume or curriculum vitae should succinctly reflect your professional history and accomplishments. Listed below are suggested categories and details to include, although it is recognized that not all applicants will have achievements in all categories.

    • Educational history post-high school
    • Employment history
    • Professional publications
    • Professional presentations
    • Awards or honors
    • Research projects
    • Grants
    • Professional organizations
    • Other professional accomplishments or experiences you believe to be relevant for the selection committee to know about you

    A photocopy of your current licensure included in your application materials will suffice (not required for prospective applicants from disciplines other than nursing).

    Carrie Radmall
    PhD Program Manager
    Phone: 801-581-8798