College of Nursing - Global Health


Courses & Programs

   The College of Nursing values student participation in global activities in all programs of study. Graduate students with a strong interest in global health are encouraged to participate in the interprofessional global health certificate offered through the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. Opportunities for global engagement through the College of Nursing vary and students are encouraged to search the website to find faculty and resources to meet their needs and interests. Faculty are available to mentor students in pursuing global health projects within their program of study and are committed to guiding students to effective, safe and successful outcomes. Both local and global learning experiences are often interdisciplinary and enriched by collaborations within the School of Medicine, Public Health and Learning Abroad. 

Global Health Opportunities for Students

   Our faculty and staff are committed to supporting students’ engagement in local and global community partnerships to foster reciprocal learning. Community engagement, whether global or local, can broaden student perspectives and skills while addressing diverse health needs. In a global, increasingly mobile society, student successes are enhanced through a variety of cultural experiences that advance learning, scholarship, and practice.

Our Mission

   We strive to guide and support student and faculty success in domestic and global learning, scholarship, research, and practice through promoting safe, ethical, and sustained learning environments that positively foster reciprocal relationships with interdisciplinary domestic and global partners.



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