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Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Course for Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Students

The course Preparation for Global Health Service & Learning is encouraged for all students interested in Global or Local health interventions that cross cultures. If you are planning a DNP or a Masters scholarly project that is global, this course is highly recommended and may be required. This course can be substituted for IPE requirements in all nursing programs. If registering or substituting this course for other IPE requirements, please contact your program director first. You may need to also contact student services to register or substitute this course for other courses. Note that it is one whole credit.

Preparation for Global Health Service & Learning (1 credit)

  • MD ID 6510 (Medical Students)
  • PED 6510 (Graduate Students)
  • PED 5510 (Undergraduate Students)
  • NURS 5510 (Undergraduate students)
  • NURS 6510 (Graduate Students)

Preparation for Engaging in Global Health provides health science students a means to analyze and address the basic issues and challenges inherent to short-term global health endeavors. The course will prepare students to engage effectively in learning activities in low-resource settings as they interface between the sending institution and host country. Students involved in clinical care, research or community development efforts frequently encounter ethical, logistical, security or health issues.

The course provides students with exposure to concepts and attitudes that are necessary for a successful global health experience whether it be based on research, teaching or service. An ethics-based, inter-professional approach serves to minimize undue burdens on students and the sending and host institutions, prevent negative effects on patients and/or communities, improve the quality and sustainability of the experience for other students, and to bring benefits to all stakeholders. This course will introduce students to a structured approach to and the necessary resources for planning and participating in an ethically guided experience in an international setting.

Finally, the course will explore advanced issues in global health that experienced leaders and managers in the global health field might encounter.

Course Goals:

As a result of completing the course, students are expected to be able to…

  1. Define their personal goals related to an anticipated short-term experience in global health (STEGH).
  2. Describe specific ethical conundrums common to students and trainees in global health settings and integrate ethical concepts into their approach to preventing and solving ethical issues.
  3. Define some of the best practices related to dilemmas that face leaders and managers in larger and more complex global health organizations.