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Prelicensure Track FAQs

    We get this question a lot. Our Prelicensure track is for students who do not already have an RN license, want to earn a BS in Nursing, and prepare for the NCLEX licensing exam. The Online RN to BS is for associates degree prepared nurses who already have their RN license or are ready to take the NCLEX licensing exam, and wish to continue their education to earn a BS in Nursing.

    The RN is the license issued by the State of Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, and the BS is the degree earned from the University of Utah. Both tracks earn the same degree at the end of the program.

    We accept 60 applicants for the Fall semester,  60 applicants for the Summer semester and 60 applicants for the Spring semester.

    No. The University of Utah College of Nursing does not have a waiting list. If an applicant is not admitted, they may reapply the following application cycle.

    We do not look at GPA beyond meeting the minimum requirement of 3.00. Competitive applicants come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. We believe that once you meet the minimum GPA requirements, other factors are more critical in determining your success in our program.

    No, while health care experience is valuable and encouraged, any type of volunteer and work experience will be adequate.

    There are three parts to the application review process. First, Students Services staff will ensure a submitted application is complete and meets all minimum requirements. Second, the College of Nursing faculty will review your application based on overall qualifications and readiness. The following areas are considered during this second portion of the application review process:

    • Service to others
    • Responsibility
    • Organizational skills

    Third, eligible applicants will be invited for an electronic interview. There will be 2 verbal and 2 written questions in this interview that will be timed.

    Please request official transcripts be sent to you directly. You must upload copies of all transcripts for every school you have attended, including any concurrent enrollment, and the University of Utah. Accepted transfer credit at a college or university does not substitute the need for a transcript from a school.

    Please refer to the University of Utah Office of Admissions for their separate application requirements.

    If you are not already a current University of Utah student, your admissions to the College of Nursing is contingent upon being admitted to the University of Utah. It is your responsibility to apply to the University of Utah through the University of Utah Office of Admissions before the College of Nursing application deadline. Please be aware of the U of U Office of Admissions' application deadlines, or you will be subject to late fees. All College of Nursing applicants must apply to the University of Utah; this is a separate application process.

    Electronic decision letters are sent approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline to the email provided on your application.

    Students will complete just over 900 hours in the clinical setting while in the program.

    Yes, completion of the four-semester program fulfills all Bachelor of Science degree requirements including the following:

    • Upper division communication/writing (CW)
    • Diversity (DV)
    • Upper division international (IR)
    • Two BS quantitative intensive (QI) courses

    No, you will earn a Baccalaureate of Science (BS). The difference between a BS and BSN is a technical difference with the issuing institution. The difference ultimately should not matter to future employers. The University of Utah is the granter of the degree so you will earn a Bachelor of Science with the major of Nursing. If the College of Nursing were the granter of the degree, it would be a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

    Yes, you will be required to purchase a certified background check and drug screen package from Verified Credentials, which will cost you approximately $135.00.

    Before starting the program, you will need to be current with all of the following immunizations:

    • Hepatitis A series
    • Hepatitis B 3 shot series with titer
    • TB skin test/yearly (2-step or blood test)
    • MMR
    • TDAP
    • Influenza (during flu season, yearly)

    You will also be required to show proof of CPR adult and child certification from the American Heart Association, First Aid is optional.

    Yes, you are able to apply as many times as necessary. There are no limits.

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    Questions about admissions?

    Office of Student Services
    (801) 587-3194


    Application Deadlines

    Fall Semester
    Opens: November 1
    Closes: February 1, 5:00PM MT

    Spring & Summer Semester
    Opens: June 1
    Closes: September 1, 5:00PM MT