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    If you wish to earn the certificate, you must complete the application forms. If you wish to take one or more courses without earning the certificate, you may register for any course without being accepted into the certificate program. The primary advantages for applying for the certificate as early as possible are to be placed on the Center's mailing list to receive newsletters and to be eligible for any Center awarded scholarships.

    If you have already been admitted into the University of Utah, you may register directly into any online course offered by the Center on Aging (with the one exception that only those who have already completed a baccalaureate degree are eligible to take 6000 level courses). 6000 level courses are recommended for those who are pursuing a graduate degree or may wish to do so in the future including our own M.S. degree in Gerontology.

    The first step is to go to UOnline Center and fill out the student profile. After the profile is filled out and entered, a course listing is shown that has Class numbers for each course. Take that number and register for the class at the main Registration page (you need to log in). Be sure to select the Add a Class by Class Number option. It may take a day or so for UOnline to correlate the registration information with the student profile, but the student should then receive an email message telling them they are set up for their online course. A login and password are included in the message.

    With all Gerontology online courses go to UOnline Center click on Class Schedule, then click on course name, then click on the go to class link.

    First time: Create your own WebCT ID. Usually first click on Return to WebCT Entry Page link, then click on Create link, fill the form out, then on your own My WebCT page, click on Add Course, go to the course listing and you're your course. DO NOT enter a name and password when adding the course. After you have a WebCT ID and password and have added the course

    Find the course in the category list and go there, entering the WebCT ID and password. You can always go directly to WebCT to enter the course after adding the course.

    All students in gerontology online courses will take proctored exams. UOnline provides locations on campus and at off campus sites to take proctored exams. Students living at least 20 miles from any of these sites may arrange for a proctored exam at a library, school or other pre-approved site. Students will need to register for all exams BEFORE taking the exams via UOnline Center.

    All Gerontology online courses are taken for credit only. If you are classified as a Utah resident then you will pay in-state resident tuition per course. Students enrolled in the UOnline campus pay a flat fee for all gerontology courses, lower than the in-state tuition rate. Please see for information on the UOnline campus and courses. If you are enrolled on Main Campus, and classified asnonresident then you will pay nonresident tuition costs. All gerontology online courses offered during summer term only are at the in-state resident rate (regardless of geographic location of student).

    We offer the full slate of online courses (5 courses @ 3 credits each) during the summer term when in-state tuition is available to everyone. We will also offer GERON 2050 (2050 is also a GEN ED Social Science Foundation course for degree seeking students at the U of U), GERON 5990/6990, and GERON 6400 each semester during the regular academic year. Students may complete the online certificate over the course of the year (or longer if they wish), and it is possible for a student to complete the certificate during the course of one summer term, but this represents a full load of 15 credits in one summer.

    You are awarded a University of Utah Gerontology Certificate. You will receive an official certificate from the Center in the mail, and your transcript from the University of Utah will note that you have completed the requirements of the certificate (undergraduate or graduate level). You will also be listed as a graduate in our graduation ceremony brochure for the academic calendar year.