Statistics Core

The Statistics Core of the Emma Eccles Jones Nursing Research Center provides comprehensive research design, data management, and statistical support to nursing researchers through consultation, and service delivery. Oour statistical team is comprised of the Director – Applied Statistics, Sr. Strategic Statistician, Sr. Research Associate, and numerous RA's.  Our statistical team is embedded with our Research Innovation Teams to insure all aspects of statistics is brought to each project on its individual developmental cycle (from idea generation to data gathering, data analysis, publication).  A major goal of the Statistical Core is to advance innovation in nursing research by championing and deepening rigor and reproducibility in nursing research.


Our services include:

  • Grant Preparation – research design, sample and power calculations, statistical analysis plans
  • Research – data collection, work flow management systems, participant recruitment and tracking systems, surveying
  • Statistical Analyses – t-test, Chi-square, growth curve modeling, structural equation modeling, linear and non-linear mixed models, logistic regression, finite mixture modeling, CHAID
  • Other – instrument development, psychometrics, item response theory, data cleaning


Meet the Associate Dean for Research

Mollie Cummins

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