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Family Caregiving Initiative

A growing, but largely unseen, group of family caregivers is quietly providing the healthcare many Americans receive. Their unpaid work is valued at $470 billion nationally ($4.2 billion in Utah) and often comes at the expense of caregivers health. 

This initiative supports the advancement of person- and family-centered care, where patients and caregivers define their "family" and determine how they will participate in care and decision-making.

Through Education: 
Empower our future healthcare workforce to recognize the critical role of family caregivers.

Through Research and Practice: 
Test new approaches that support patient AND family caregiver health and well-being.

Through Outreach: 
Partner with community stakeholders and policy makers to improve the lives of family caregivers and those they care for.

For nearly 20 years, College of Nursing researchers, clinicians, and educators have been leading the way in supporting caregivers.  The College is uniquely positioned to lead an interdisciplinary effort to revolutionize care and inform new methods of support for patients and their caregivers.    

Caregiving Scholars Across Campus: 

College of Health:
Anne Kirby, Alexandra Terrill

College of Nursing: 
Nancy Allen, Michael Caserta, Margaret Clayton, Kristin Cloyes, Kara Dassel, Marla DeJong, Jacqueline Eaton, Lee Ellington, Sara Hart, Lauri Linder, Paula Meek, Deborah Morgan, Caroline Stephens, Katherine Supiano, Gail Towsley, Andrea Wallace

College of Social & Behavioral Science:
Claudia Geist, Rebecca Utz

College of Social Work:  
Troy Andersen

School of Business
Debra Scammon

School of Medicine:
Jessica Cohan, Timothy Farrell, Melody Mickens, Mary Jo Pugh, Stephen Trapp

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