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Faculty & Staff

Facilitating Workplace Belonging and Success

We continue to work to create an environment in which all members of the CON community feel welcomed and supported and that those with differing perspectives and contributions are not only sought out but know that they are equally valued.

Search Committee

Search Committee identifies and recommends applicants based on the job description. The Committee is charged with the responsibility to provide a fair, equitable, and inclusive search without discrimination. Their current efforts include: 

  • Consultations with experts to support Committee’s reach to underrepresented populations and best interview practices. 
  • Committee membership is open to folks from different backgrounds.
  • Advertising in venues that serve the nurse communities.
  • Mandatory implicit bias training for all members. 
  • Follow best practices for interviewing to keep the process unbiased and fair to all. 


Faculty engaged in Federally-Funded Diversity focused Research (link to currently funded research page) 

We are among the top 20 nursing schools in the US for National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding, and possess a total grant portfolio of $43 million. We are leaders in the community and care-based research. Our faculty are training the next generation of nurse scientists to ensure equitable and quality care for all.