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About Caring Connections

Caring Connections: A Hope and Comfort in Grief Program is based in the University of Utah College of Nursing and was founded in 1997 by Beth Cole, PhD.  

The Mission of Caring Connections is to provide excellent evidence-based bereavement care to grieving persons in the intermountain west through clinician facilitated support groups; and, in keeping with the academic mission of the University and the College of Nursing, to provide opportunity for clinical education in grief and loss to students in the health care professions, and to conduct research which promotes greater understanding of loss, grief and bereavement.

As a leading community resource for grief and bereavement support, Caring Connections provides grief care, education for clinicians and students and contributes to the scientific evidence to support best practices. In partnership with the State of Utah Department of Human Services, and with several community organizations, we are working to increase awareness of grief, grief literacy and create compassionate communities that are responsive to the loss and suffering that accompanies bereavement.

Caring Connections offers a variety of services and trainings for professionals/organizations.  These are just a few of the topics available through our trainings;

  • COVID Grief and COVID affected grief
  • Self-care and resiliency for professionals in the pandemic and beyond
  • The grief of suicide loss
  • The grief of overdose death
  • The grief of sudden and unexpected death
  • Grief in the workplace

About Support Groups

Are you or is someone you know grieving the death of someone close? The death of a close friend or family member is a powerful and emotional experience—it can shatter life as one used to know. Caring Connections offers grief support groups that are eight weeks in length and offered quarterly at the University of Utah College of Nursing, various University of Utah Health Centers, and online. 


We offer five Grief Groups:

  • Adults grieving the death of a family member or friend
  • Adults grieving the death of a child
  • Adults grieving the death of a spouse or partner
  • Adults grieving the death of a family member or friend to suicide
  • Adults grieving the death of a family member or friend to an overdose

Three elements that can assist in processing grief following the death of a family member or friend:

  • Gathering relevant information from a knowledgeable professional
  • Talking to others about your loss
  • Listening to others who have had similar experiences

Our Director

Kathie Supiano, PhD, LCSW, FT
Director, Caring Connections
Associate Professor
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