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Invest in your Future

Join the only nursing program in the state that is associated with a medical academic center.  Even in an online format, our students have an opportunity to participate with world class nurse researchers and scientists. 


The reduced tuition for fully online programs such as the RN-BS program is currently set at $260 per credit hour. The RN-BS program is 30 credit hours, so the total is $7800 for the entire program.

Like regular tuition, this rate is subject to rise anytime tuition is raised, and by the same percentage point. For example, if regular tuition is raised by 5%, then the one-rate will rise by 5% as well. At this time, there are plans for a 2% raise, so if that is the case, then the cost will go up to $266.50 per credit hour. This has not been approved yet, so we are unable to make this official.
Unlike regular tuition, there are no semester-to-semester rates for the online tuition, so you can calculate your tuition bill easily by adding together the total credit hours on your program of study and multiplying it by $260. For example, if you are scheduled for 9 credit hours during the fall semester, then your tuition bill will be $2,240.

Additional Program Costs

There are a few other costs to consider when budgeting for the RN-BS program—most of them at the beginning of the program:

  • Application to main campus: currently $55 for domestic undergraduate
  • New student orientation (organized by main campus): currently $30. There is not a fee for the RN-BS orientation, but both are required
  • Drug screen/background check (as part of the RN-BS onboarding process): currently $170
  • Books: estimated $500 for new books (there are other options, such as used books or library books)

Make sure you budget for a $300 deposit before you start your first semester. Usually you will not have any financial aid at this point of the process, so you will need to be prepared to pay this cost out-of-pocket. This is a deposit required by main campus, it’s how they obtain the most accurate head count possible for newly admitted freshman and transfer students. It is a non-refundable deposit, but it’s applied to your first semester’s tuition bill. The only way you lose it, is if you end up not starting for some reason.

This means that you should budget $9,000 for the total cost of the RN-BS program as of Spring 2021. 

Contact Us

RN-BS Program Manager
Kristen Mahoney
(801) 587-7605

Office of Student Services
(801) 587-3194

Questions about admissions?

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
Opens: November 1
Closes: February 1, 5:00PM MST

Spring & Summer Semester
Opens: June 1
Closes: September 1, 5:00PM MST