Emma Eccles Jones Research Center


Space Dedicated to Interdisciplinary Research

The Emma Eccles Jones Nursing Research Center was established in 2002 with a gift from the Emma Eccles Jones Foundation, allowing a dedicated space in the college whose focus is research. The center was created to “enhance the ability of the college to supply nursing faculty, nurse educators and advanced practice nurses to meet the growing demand in Utah.” 

State of the Art Facility

Meeting the demand of educating new nurse scientists, interdisciplinary scientists, and educators begins with our faculty.  The college has built the center’s infrastructure with direct and continuing input from our faculty. The recently renovated space and the staff support teams provide a state of the art facility in which to conduct research.

The Research Center encompasses the entire fifth floor of the College of Nursing, providing ample and flexible work space for individual and group projects. The college’s faculty work in collaborative teams, known as RITes (Research Intensive Teams)

Meet the Associate Dean for Research

Mollie Cummins

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