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Gerontology Program Recognized for Excellence


The University of Utah College of Nursing’s Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program (GIP) has been recognized as one of the best in the country. 

The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) named the college’s master’s program one of 13 “programs of merit” this month. The rating is considered a “stamp of excellence” verifying the program’s quality for prospective students and funders, says GIP Director Jackie Eaton.

“This status sets our program apart for its academic rigor and collaborative approach,” Eaton says.

jackie eaton

The application process takes two years of evaluation and assessment by AGHE, including “mapping” all gerontology courses. In the end, the College of Nursing’s interdisciplinary master’s program was recognized for its academic excellence, support from college leadership and faculty training and rigor, including:

Innovative ideas for both program and financial growth
A “solid” interdisciplinary gerontology curriculum following   AGHE competencies
Committed relationships with local communities
Required internship hours that exceed AGHE guidelines
Outcomes-based assessment of graduates

“We appreciate and embrace the vital importance of preparing students to work with and service older adults, and to help students understand the challenges older adults face now and in the future,” Associate Dean of Academic Programs Barbara Wilson wrote in the college’s submission.

Along with the University of Massachusetts Boston, Ithaca College and Missouri State University, the College of Nursing’s program maintains the designation through 2022.