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Alumni Board Highlights


We want to say a huge "THANK YOU" to our 2017-2018 Alumni Board and especially retiring Co-Presidents Teresa Garrett and Dianne Stewart.


The College of Nursing accomplished so much this year with their leadership and willing volunteerism:

  • 2017 Alumni Weekend
  • 2017 Distinguished Alumni and Young Alumni Awards
  • Launching the new Half Century Society for the Classes of 1947-1967
  • Unveiling Faces of Nursing (a mural 10 years in the making)
  • Numerous pinnings and graduation celebrations (with U-shaped doughnuts from Banberry Cross and CON keychains!)
  • Revamping the mentoring program (22 mentor/mentee relationships established)
  • Starting the student Stethoscope program and donor "Thank-a-Thon"
  • Recognizing 196 nurses (including Dare to Care Award recipient Alex Wubbels) and raising $38,000 in student scholarships at the 2018 Honors for Nursing