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American College of Nurse Midwives Recognizes Five Decades of Midwifery


In over 50 years of caring for mothers and their babies, the University of Utah has been “midwifing midwives for a lifetime,” according to the American College of Nurse Midwives.

The College of Nursing’s long history of preparing nurse midwives was recognized by the national midwifery organization at its annual meeting at the end of May. Founded in 1965 and one of the oldest midwifery education programs in the country, the college’s specialty program has educated nearly every certified nurse midwife practicing in the state of Utah today and delivered more than 15,000 babies over the years.

The BirthCare HealthCare practice received a “With Women for a Lifetime” commendation for innovative and passionate care. And several faculty members received individual honors:


  • Alum Angela Anderson, CNM, was elected as an ACNM fellow.
  • Amy Cutting, MSN, APRN, was recognized as an outstanding preceptor.
  • Gwen Latendresse, PhD, CNM, was appointed chair for the Division of Research and Dissemination Committee.
  • Ann Deneris, PhD, CNM, received the organization’s Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Emily Hart Hayes, DNP, CNM, is chair of the Midwives Political Action Committee, part of the Division of Advocacy and Affiliate Support.

“Our faculty serve as both academicians and clinicians every day, with compassion and commitment, putting their heart and soul into the work they love,” said Associate Dean for Practice Leissa Roberts, DNP, CNM. “I am so proud to stand with them.”