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Honoring the Class of 2024

Among a sea of supporters, over 300 graduates were celebrated at the University of Utah College of Nursing's 2024 Convocation Ceremony. The ceremony, held in the historic Kingsbury Hall on campus, showcased the accolades, scholarship, and professional achievements of the class of 2024.  

Graduates line up outside Kingsbury hall
A graduate adjusts a tassel on top of a cap
Dean Marla De Jong speaks from the podium

As the ceremony began, Dean Marla De Jong, PhD, RN, CCNS, FAAN remarked, “However your career evolves as a professional, nurse, gerontologist, or scientist, your work will matter, and you can feel confident that you've received a stellar education and are ready to care for patients and families and populations in your area of interest.” 

A graduate adjusts a tassel on top of a cap
Diploma holders sit displayed on a table
Faculty of the College of Nursing stand on the podium

Four students of the graduating class offered perspectives of academic triumphs and journeys ahead. Each graduate offered unique insights, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning, the human centric approach to the profession, the significance of support networks, and the impact of advocacy.  

Lucas Virhuez Nunez speaks from the podium
“As we embark on our next journey, let us remember that our education is not a destination, but a lifelong pursuit. Let us continue to seek knowledge, to question, to innovate, and to be bold. Let us endeavor to make meaningful contributions to our communities”
Lucas Virhuez Nunez, B.S. Nursing
Jamie Cross Speaks from the podium
“What an exciting time for our nursing students to now integrate their talents and make a difference in the lives in our communities. Nursing is much more than treating a condition. It’s treating a person. A person with a story. A person with passion and a person with strength. Each of which looks different for everyone. It’s treating a person with a high quality of care so they can have a high quality of life in whatever way matters most to them. Each individual graduating today is here because they have put in the hard work, dedication, and compassion into supporting the college of nursing's mission of creating equitable healthcare for all individuals from young to old and in both life and death.”
Jamie Cross, M.S. Gerontology
Addison Stuart speaks from the podium
“As we embark on this new chapter of our lives, it’s essential to recognize the unwavering support of our family and loved ones. Their encouragement, assistance, and boundless love has been the bedrock of our achievements. To our spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends, and pets, we owe a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid. Today we celebrate not only our success, but also the countless sacrifices made on our behalf.”
Addison Stuart, M.S. Nursing Informatics
Nicole Lybbert speaks from the podium
“Advocate for your patients, advocate for better treatment options, collaborative care, and for insurance to provide better coverage. Advocate for improved quality of care in your profession and in your workplace. Advocate for changes in your community, state, and national governments to allow us to practice our full scope and reach those who need us the most. I want to encourage you to advocate for yourself. School is over, and we worked hard for this opportunity to make a difference. Don’t let burnout steal it. Make more time for things that rejuvenate you and enjoy a world free of homework and Canvas. That is until some of you return to school or return to teach a new generation of nurses.”
Nicole Lybbert, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Psychiatric/Mental Health
A graduate receives a diploma on the stage
A graduate turns the tassel on top of a cap
Dean Marla De Jong applauds from the podium

“We know that you are well prepared to lead our future healthcare system,” said Dean De Jong at the conclusion of the ceremony. “You each have the knowledge and skills needed to lead, innovate, and solve global and complex healthcare challenges. Whether you compassionately care for patients and families, make scientific discoveries, educate healthcare professionals, lead, or influence policy, your work is vital to the health of people everywhere.” 

The Class of 2024

  • Ansari, Natasha, Nursing

    Barry, Lisa A, Nursing

    Christensen, Scott Smith, Nursing

    Harvey, Jennifer, Nursing

    Jones, Ann Renae, Nursing

    Kent-Marvick, Jacqueline M, Nursing

    Mansfield, Kelly Jean, Nursing

    Romero, Antonio Sebastian, Nursing

    Rudd, Elizabeth Anne, Nursing

    Tran, MJ, Nursing

    Williams, Marcia Ruth, Nursing

  • Allen, Deanna Beth

    Anderson, Elise Marie

    Baker, Steven Daniel

    Bauserman, Julie Renee

    Bawden, Dallin Eric

    Bell, Lisa

    Bennion, Aaron

    Bigman, Sadie Jan

    Bird, Marie Rose

    Bolton, Samantha

    Bowman, Catherine Ann

    Brim, Rebecca Lee

    Brown, Davin Narita

    Brown, Sundi

    Chamberlain, Amy Marie

    Chapple, Merica Kristin

    Cheshire, Shauna Lee

    Cirenza, Allison Grace

    Cohn, Zoe Noelle

    Craig, Mckenna Lynn

    Day, Alison

    Dean-Smith, Mari J

    Distefano, Kelly Ann Sheldon

    Edman, Nicholas Blaine

    Eke-Ukoh, Ebere

    Escovar, Claire Marie

    Falkner, Jennifer Lynn

    Fausett, Angie

    Feneziani, Valois Anne

    Ferreira, Krystle S

    Fidler, Daniel Miles

    Forsyth, Melody Ann

    Gallagher, Kirsty Denise

    Gallagher, Meagan Lowell

    Gamble, Joyce Ann

    Geppelt, Cinneamon Lee

    Gu, Ming Yu

    Jensen, Janie Hatfield

    Johnson, Quinta Chenille

    Hafen, Abbey

    Hashimoto, Ashlie CJ

    Hemphill, Lesley

    Hoch, Bonnie Jane

    Hohnholt, Erin Larae

    Holmes, Mitchell Clyde

    Hoyt, Courtney Beth

    Judd, Morgan Paige

    Keddington, Amanda Sue

    Keirsey, Samantha Catlyn

    Kundrat, Kristianna B

    Lamb, Andrew Sho

    Lybbert, Nicole Deann

    Martinez, Rachael Anne

    Mastroianni, Jenna

    Maxfield, Shanda

    Mccreath, Lauren Marie

    Miller, Juliet

    Montez, Shelby Lynn

    Moreno, Alejandro Benjamin

    Murray, Amanda Leanne

    Nelson, Erica Cristina

    Oblad, Kyena M

    Oliveira, Tania Albuquerque

    Orton, Kimberly Ann

    Patton, Rebecca Anne

    Peterson, Shantel Elizabeth

    Plante Schmidt, Amber D

    Randall, Neal Michael

    Rankin, Ashley Elizabeth

    Reay, Helena Bronte Christianson

    Remer, Taylor Rae

    Rivera, Maelee Elizabeth

    Royce, Emily Rose

    Salois, Alexandra Marie

    Scott, Rachel

    Sherman, Cheryl Anna

    Shumway, Maureen Elizabeth

    Sirks, Molly Megan

    Smith, Phillip Wayne

    Spackman, Tahsha

    Starkey, Mesa Spring

    Swearingen, Blair Anne

    Thomas, Danielle

    Tolley, Victor Manuel

    Tsuhako, Kali Condie

    Watnes, Kelsey Joan

    Weeks, Claire Elizabeth

    White, Mckenzie Anne

    Wilde, Cammy

    Wright, Dallin

    Young, Shaleena Mae

    Zimmer, Samantha Kylie

  • Corley, Paige Robinson, Gerontology

    Cross, Jaime E, Gerontology

    Dacruz, Phillip L, Nursing

    Johnson, Natasha Marlene, Nursing

    Kagen, Stephanie D., Nursing

    Keller-Howell, Angela Dawn, Gerontology

    Kellogg, Ryan, Nursing

    Kichi, Nicollette A, Nursing

    Kimoto, Mari Davis, Nursing

    Leishman, Lana L., Nursing

    Mcgary, Oakli Jo, Gerontology

    Mitchell, Amanda, Nursing

    Nakagawa, Chip Kekai, Nursing

    Oviedo Calderon Gamarra, Alonso Benjamin, Nursing

    Postma, Trudy Wright, Nursing

    Rainey, Katherine Lanette, Nursing

    Sanders, Kelsey Marie, Nursing

    Stewart, Erianne Avery, Gerontology

    Stuart, Addison Wesley, Nursing

    Wendorf, Michael Donn, Nursing

  • Cheney, Aidan Kevin

    Mcmartin, Morgan Elizabeth

    Norris, Emma Christine

  • Ahmed, Zamzam 

    Alexander, Whitney Marie 

    Allen, Bradyn 

    Ames, Kimberlee DeAnn 

    Astorga-Luna, Nancy Paola 

    Baca, Emmah Elizabeth 

    Baczuk, Nicole Marie 

    Bagley, Ella Christina 

    Barker, Emily Caroline Limburg 

    Beckstead, Breauna Lynn 

    Boman, Hannah* 

    Bradley, Rebecca Yunxiang 

    Brill, Emily Cecilia 

    Brimhall, Jacey 

    Brown, Eva Kiviat 

    Broyles, Sarah Elise 

    Bruce, Margaret Helen 

    Burnett, Crystal 

    Bushnell, Rebecca Jean 

    Calkins, Chelsea 

    Callahan, Madison Marie 

    Cameron, Katherine Isabel 

    Campbell, Kimberly 

    Cannon, Alexis Dawn 

    Carmichael, Cody Christian 

    Carson, Emma 

    Chae, Hyun Seock 

    Chambers, Rebekah 

    Chappell, Alexis Shea* 

    Chase, May 

    Christensen, Jill Michelle 

    Church, Megan 

    Cooper, Ariana Marguerite 

    Cross, Aleena Marie 

    Davalos, Amber Mae 

    Davidson, Anna Grace* 

    Deaton, Aleena E 

    Dunn, Bailey 

    Dutson, Hannah Grace 

    Earnshaw, Travis 

    Eldred, Anna 

    Ellis, Anna Mary 

    Ercanbrack, Katie Jean 

    Evans, Ashley Ann 

    Faust, Maddison 

    Fenton, Hannah Marie 

    Figueroa, Brenda Janelle 

    Fisher, Emma 

    Fisk, Kiley Ann 

    Flores, Aliyah Jade 

    Flynn, Emily 

    Foulke, Ava Maryn 

    Francis, Gloria Lauren 

    Frickberg, Alexandra June 

    Gallacher, Mekayla Serina 

    Galvan, Marisol 

    Garcia, Jonathan 

    Garcia, Lyenne Kim 

    Garrick, Karli Deann 

    Gauci, Melanie Elizabeth 

    Glaittli, Olivia 

    Gonzalez, Asia B 

    Grace, Jason David 

    Greer, Caitlyn Rae 

    Grow, Aaron Blaine 

    Hackett, Brittney Anne 

    Haddock, Jane 

    Hair, Michael Jon 

    Hammond, Alec P 

    Hanson, Haley Rose 

    Harman, Bryan Derek 

    Hernandez, Natally 

    Hodapp, Savannah Skye 

    Holmes, Amanda Hatch 

    Holt, Mckinzie 

    Holyoak, Rachel Emily 

    Huber, Kylie Marie 

    Huguley, Kendall Elise 

    Huras, Ryan Scott 

    Hymas, Skyla 

    Izazaga, Emily Michelle 

    Jacobs, Averie Paige 

    Jacobsen, Calvin 

    Jacobus, Madison 

    Jennings, Sadee Grace 

    Jeong, Jinny 

    Jimenez, Hope Marie 

    Johnsen, Carter Helen** 

    Johnson, Daniel Blake 

    Johnson, Erik Anders 

    Johnson, Rebekah Anne 

    Kammerer, Maeve M

    Karns, Madison Grace 

    Keizer, Emme Grace 

    Kelly, Katelyn 

    Kerr, Caitlynne Chase 

    Kesler, Kaelie 

    Klein, Sophia Rose 

    Knox, Mia 

    Korkut, Hana 

    Kudilil, Nelson 

    Kunz, Kylee Elizabeth 

    Lagana, Jordan Louis 

    Lai, Junwen 

    Lam, Tiffany 

    Lamkin, Rachel 

    Land, Evve Alexandra 

    Larrabee, Amber 

    Larsen, Abigail Victoria 

    Larsen, Noah Mackay 

    Larsen, Savannah Phidia Kathleen 

    Lawhorn, Josie Kathryn 

    Lawson Halweg, Michaella Yvrose 

    Lemay, Nicole Michelle 

    Lindgren, Astrid Anna 

    Luangrath, Lareen Jane 

    Macpherson, Morgan Jessie-Grace 

    Madsen, Brittany Lynn 

    Majumdar, Anja Leigh 

    Maloblocki, Blake Edward 

    Maready, Rebecca Fowler 

    Marietta, Cynthia Louise 

    Martinez, Franky 

    Martinez-Navarrete, Reyna B 

    Martz, Cassandra Joy 

    McQueen, Sophia Alyece 

    Mcintosh, Catherine A 

    Miller, Mackenzie Catherine 

    Mishra, Anisha 

    Mortensen, Sydney 

    Mulvey, Brigid 

    Munk, Alexsis Lynn 

    Muvunyi, Pamela Uwamahoro 

    Muñoz, Janet Elizabeth 

    Nakhjavani, Natalia L 

    Nelson, Ashlee Taft 

    Netter, Abigail Lucille 

    Nguyen, Dana 

    Nickl, Gina Lea 

    Norman, Ruby Charis 

    Oestreich, Griffan Andrew 

    Oldham, Erika Grace** 

    Olsen, Ted 

    Orgill, Larene Joylin* 

    Paxton, Jennifer 

    Payne, Camryn Mahlea* 

    Peacock, Kyrsten Ray 

    Peterson, Savannah 

    Phelon, Alma Cynthia R 

    Pierce, Anna 

    Pokorny, Claire Janelle* 

    Pond, Tyler Nicole 

    Porter, Jasmine Noelani 

    Prentice, Lillian 

    Ramirez, Carolina 

    Rappleye, Joslyn 

    Reina, Isabella Julianna 

    Reynolds, Sloan Reed 

    Rich, Britannah R 

    Rielly, Megan M 

    Roberts, Ansley 

    Rodeback, Bricanie Nicole 

    Ross, Eliza Anne 

    Russell, Lauren Ashley 

    Schroeder, Sarah 

    Scroggin, Abbie 

    Scurti, Andrew 

    Sibio, Anna Reinvald 

    Smith, Jordyn S 

    Smith, Shannon Melody 

    Snyder, Madison 

    Spagnuolo, Anna G 

    Srey, Mellina Tiev 

    Stagnaro-Sugerman, Sara Anna 

    Starkweather, Alexa 

    Staylor, Kaitlyn Michelle 

    Steffen, Gina Gabriella 

    Stokes, Hannah 

    Stradling, Kyle Jacob 

    Suzuki, Mara A 

    Tallman, Madison 

    Terry, Nicholas D 

    Thomas, Emelie Katherine 

    Thompson, Michael J. 

    Thurgood, Caley 

    Titus, Michelle Anne 

    Tollefson, Rebekah Marie 

    Tolman, Chace 

    Valle, Dulce M 

    Van Cott, Dayna Marie 

    Van Dyke, Bronwyn Himes 

    Viner, Kensley 

    Virhuez Nunez, Lucas Emiliano 

    Walton, Kaitlyn Danielle 

    Wang, Ying 

    Watson, Amanda Rickie 

    Weglarz, Anya Josephine 

    West, Emily Ann 

    Western, William 

    Whitaker, Briley 

    Wiemer, Rachel Hattie 

    Wieser, Jessica R 

    Wilder, Rachel 

    Williams, Jordan Laura 

    Williams, Scarlett 

    Williamson, Jocelyn Lee 

    Winters, Kylee Rachelle 

    Wixom, Nathaniel Christian

    Wojcicki, Sophie Faith 

    Wong, Sophia I 

    Woychick, Mia Jade 

    Yorgason, Whitney Afton 

    Young, Catherine Wallace 

  • Candidate for the Graduate Certificate in Care Management

    Keller-Howell, Angela Dawn

    Candidate for the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

    Mansfield, Kelly Jean

  • Student Elected to the Honor Society of Alpha Epsilon Delta

    Thompson, Michael J.

    Student Elected to the Honor Society of Eta Sigma Gamma

    Dean-Smith, Mari J

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Golden Key

    Bawden, Dallin Eric

    Christensen, Scott Smith

    Gamble, Joyce Ann

    Maxfield, Shanda

    Patton, Rebecca Anne

    Student Elected to the Honor Society of Mortar Board

    Falkner, Jennifer Lynn

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Phi Eta Sigma

    Baczuk, Nicole Marie

    Lamkin, Rachel

    Miller, Mackenzie Catherine

    Munk, Alexsis Lynn

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

    Rivera, Maelee Elizabeth

    Romero, Antonio Sebastian

    Tran, MJ

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Sigma Alpha Pi

    Falkner, Jennifer Lynn

    Rivera, Maelee Elizabeth

    Steffen, Gina Gabriella

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Sigma Phi Omega

    Corley, Paige Robinson

    Cross, Jaime E

    Students Elected to the Honor Society of Sigma Theta Tau

    Ansari, Natasha

    Baker, Steven Daniel

    Bawden, Dallin Eric

    Brim, Rebecca Lee

    Chapple, Merica Kristin

    Escovar, Claire Marie

    Falkner, Jennifer Lynn

    Gamble, Joyce Ann

    Hemphill, Lesley

    Mansfield, Kelly Jean

    Remer, Taylor Rae

    Rivera, Maelee Elizabeth

    Sherman, Cheryl Anna

    Thomas, Danielle

  • Candidate for Undergraduate Research Scholar

    Cheney, Aidan Kevin

Graduates applaud towards supporters in the audience
Graduates pose for a group photo
A graduate embraces a supporter
A yard sign stating "started in masks, ended in caps"
A graduate embraces a child after the ceremony
A graduate jumps in celebration with family members
Students and supporters line up for photos in front of the Block U